Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 93 | The bottom hems (2nd comparison)

I last compared the bottom hems on day 60, and even then you could see the wear from where the jeans get caught under my feet at home. I hardly wear them without folding them up, but at home, walking around barefoot, sometimes I forget.

The top photograph has three picture in it. The top picture is from around day 14, the middle one is from day 60, and the bottom one is from today. The only big difference between day 60 and today, is that the folds are by far more evident today than then. There's a distinct line where I fold the bottoms up every day. I think that's better than having them wear out at the back and damaging the back hem under your shoes too much.

There's a lot more creases on the denim too, but that was to be expected from wearing them everyday for the past 93 days. Tomorrow I'm comparing the button holes.

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