Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 112 | In a bit of pain

The weather has been absolutely fantastic here, which gives us some great views from the slopes and the house we're in. The photo was taken at 9am just outside our house. The sun has just come up and it's cold. It is a bit of a problem when you're this far north, because the sun sets at 3.30pm. So you have really short days.

The place we're at, has flood lights on half their slopes, which allows you to snowboard or ski, long after the sun is down.

Today however I had my first worth while wipeout on my snowboard. I'm blogging at the moment with both my wrists and hands bandaged up, and a really sore backside, so I'm in a little bit of pain. I need to take it easy tomorrow if I'm going to make it through the week in one piece.

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