Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 90 | The back pockets (2nd comparison)

Here's the start of my second series of comparisons, such as I did on day 57 - day 61. The pictures on the left is from day 14, the middle picture is from day 57 and the right hand picture is from today, day 90. I'm trying to do this at the beginning of each month.

As you can see, the jeans are by far more shiny, not just from the wear, but also from not washing them. Today is basically halfway, with 91 days to go before the first wash, so I have worn them every day for past 90 days. I have noticed a lot more wear during the past month, than any of the two months before that. As if the wear accelerates as it gets past a certain point.

There's a lot more light blue patches on the corners of the pockets where I sit, and a lot more permanent looking creases, that don't look like they're ever going to be smooth again.

Tomorrow I'll be looking at the inner seams, which have shown lots more wear too, from chafing against each other everyday.

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