Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 60 | The bottom hems (1st comparison)

Today I'm comparing the bottom hems of the jeans, after 60 days. They're definitely the part of the jeans that have shown the most wear so far.

It is not from wearing them outside of the house, because I always have shoes on outside, and the hems never touch the ground. This is from wearing them barefoot at home, because I sometimes forget to fold them up. Lately though, I've been folding them up more and more.

I usually give them a double fold up when I wear them around the house, so that neither the hem, or a single fold-up will touch the ground, and hence wear unnecessarily. But as you can see, the damage is done already. Now I just have to watch it from here.

The comparison photo shows the back of the hems, where the top most photo is from about day 10, and the bottom photo is from today. The bottom most photo is also from about 2 weeks of wear and shows the front of the hems. You can't really see anything other than the creases made from folding the hems up. This will obviously change with time.

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