Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 86 | Terence and Donk

Been doing some searches for Dr.Denim images online and then stumbled onto this Australian website, called Don't Come. They have a lot of really cool products in their store/gallery, which they also sell online.

They have quite a bit of Dr.Denim products as well, as well as my next Dr.Denim jeans purchase called Terence, featured to the left. They also have the really cool Dr.Denim Chinos, called Donk, which I'm also very interested in. And in the words of the writer on their website, "The Donk Chinos are a favourite of Misa’s, who hasn’t taken them off for over a month now and a good option for those of us
that are getting tired of wearing denim every day."

I've already had a look for them at Red Devil, and have seen them for 599kr, which seems very reasonable, and I think available in Light Grey, Blue and Dark Grey. Really nice. But I am nearly halfway with this test, just another 95 days to go, then I can wear what I want again.

(Both images belong to Don't Come, and are linked from their website.)

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