Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 71 | Laurence Grey

On the trip to Stockholm this week, I made a stop in at Urban Outfitters, and found a couple of Dr.Denim items in one section of the store. I tried on a shirt called "Laurence Grey", which is the one in the photos, but can also be seen on the Dr.Denim website.

It's one of those really nice and warm winter shirts, which you can usually pick up in second hand stores. The only problem I have with the ones from the second hand stores are that they're older in style, and that when they fit me around my body, the arms are too short, and when they fit the length of my arms, the body is way too big. The new styles from today are usually more fitting for people who are as skinny and tall as I am. That is exactly why I bought this one from Dr.Denim. Perfect fit, really nice cut and some great details.

On another note, I had a closer look at the creases made by folding up the hems of the jeans, so they don't wear at the bottom, and was shocked at how much they've worn in any case in the last seventy one days. But that is what will happen from wearing them everyday I suppose.

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