Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 79 | Three Cleaning suggestions

I was on Superfuture Supertalk again today to check up on something and found a post where someone asked the standard question about washing their jeans. It wasn't the question so much, but the answer that I thought was really well put. Here goes: "How can I wash my jeans so that they don't become faded and won't lose colour and will still look new?" The question isn't really well put, because what they want is to wear their jeans, but it should never get old. But be that as it may, here's the answer.

"Personally I would suggest the following:

Dry Cleaning - The only caveat would be to be very wary of this cleaning method if your jeans have leather labels." (Have a look at day 35 and day 36 where there's more on dry cleaning)

"2. Cold water soak - Good for just getting rid of dust and non-greasy dirt. You'll lose a little indigo, and may get a bit of shrinkage (depends if your jeans have been preshrunk) , and lose the shine that characterise many dry jeans."

"3. Cold-to-tepid soapy water soak - If you have greasy stains (e.g. food), this may work for you. It's like washing delicate items, like handmade quilts & cashmere knits - use a simple soap (e.g. pure vegetable soap, no enzymes, no phosphates, no bleach). Soak and rinse in clean water until satisfied."

"Turn inside out before washing, and hang dry." "Wet washing will remove the shine, but you'll get some of that back with wear - as the natural compression and friction will recreate a calendering effect. (Like when you iron a black cotton shirt and create unwanted shine)."

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