Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 63 | On the way to Stockholm

It's travelling time again. We're on the way to Stockholm tomorrow for a week. Got some business meetings scheduled for this week, and hoping to pick up some design work, then it's holiday time next week. Just want to take it easy and see the city again. I'll also be blogging from my mobile, so excuse the photos. My Sony Ericsson K610i only has a 2 mega pixel camera. I've got some post from my previous trip to Stockholm, all the way back on day 9 and day 10.

Now it's time to pack, and here's my first dilemma. I know I'm doing this test and all, and that I have so far only been wearing this pair of jeans for the past 63 days, but I'm taking an extra pair on the trip, just in case. You never know what happens.

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