Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 73 | Jeans Danny

While I was looking around the internet I found a nice website where you can buy clothing online. It's called Sid& and that's where I saw a new pair of jeans from Dr.Denim. They're called "Danny", and according to Sid, "Danny is a straight and narrow fit with extra deep hip pocket for a little more 'baggy' look."

I like the colour and the cut. Now it's between them, and another pair from Dr.Denim I mentioned before, called Terence. But I still have 108 days to go of wearing the same pair of jeans for this test. After the 3rd of March next year, I'll be looking for another pair.

For now, I'm loving the way these jeans I have on, change all the time. Getting softer and a lot more worn in.

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