Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 76 | First Rate

I am trawling around the internet a lot lately, not just because I'm a web consultant and it's part of my job, but also because I'm trying to learn more about denim, how it is made, where it is made, etc.

Today I stumbled onto a website called, who specialise in selling men's fashion online. It is a Swedish website, I should warn you. But if you'd like to read what is written on it, you could always copy the web address into Google Translate, and Google will translate the entire website into any of 30 languages for you in under five seconds. Try it. They're surprisingly accurate.

On the Dr.Denim page you can link through to view all of their products, but below is what they had to say about Dr.Denim. I translated it from Swedish to English, so more people would be able to read it. "A denim brand from Gothenburg, which is relatively new to come onto the market. Two brothers, Alexander and John are the guys behind the brand. It is no secret that they downloaded much of their inspiration from Japan with their technology and many years of expertise. Jeans manufactured in traditional Japanese looms and with the conspicuous orange edge on many of their jeans. Dr Denim jeans sell based on individuality and quality are combined with Scandinavian fit and design. Dr. denim also offers cool tees, tops and jackets."

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