Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 88 | Wine tasting

I organised a wine tasting at our house tonight, with some friends. I live in Sweden, and not a lot of people that I've met here, are really wine lovers, although everyone drinks wine. Here more people tend to drink beer and spirits. I come from Cape Town in South Africa, where people drink a lot of wine, and tend to live in more of a wine culture. They drink wine, talk about wine, buy lots of wine, and store lots of wine.

The wine tasting for me, was just to get some of my Swedish friends here to enjoy wine more, than say beer, or for them to get know wine a little bit more. So, in short, we had really good wines, really good cheeses and really good home baked breads, with good company and lots of laughs. I'm posting the results on my wine blog soon, if you're interested.

As for the jeans, they made it through the night without any wine stains, but with just a little bit of dirt, which I'll try and get out in the morning.

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