Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 62 | Stitching

I haven't really covered stitching in the past sixty or so days. We all know that all jeans can vary in many ways, from denim type, to cut, to style, to wash, to just about anything under the sun. The same with stitching. I covered different ways, different manufacturers treat the button holes on day 17 for instance, so imagine what else is possible with the stitching.

You can vary the colour of thread, the thickness, the length of the stitches, the style of stitching, the way you fold the denim while you're stitching. So many ways to change the look and the feel of jeans from one to the next.

The Dr.Denim Harris Blue Black raw pair I have, has the "standard" yellow denim stitching. Nothing fancy. Hidden stitching on the outside leg, and the yellow visible stitching on the inside leg. You can see from the three photos that the stitching isn't brand new any longer. There's a bit of chafing and some wear that has started to show on the lower legs. I covered the wear on the denim and the stitching on the lower leg on day 58.

The denim around the stitched areas on the jeans are starting to show some real wear. Should be interesting to compare photographs again in a months time.

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