Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 188 | The bottom hems (5th comparison)

It's only after the wash that I noticed how much more the wear on the denim shows than before. The folds on the bottom hems, that I used to wear before I started wearing a belt every day, can now clearly be seen. The same with all the other creases, on the knees and below the front pockets.

The photograph with the seven pictures in are from each month in the past six months, including the first photo after the wash. There's a huge difference between the last two pictures. Besides the obvious less shiny bits, you can now clearly see the fold damage. Fortunately now the denim has shrunk about 2 cm in length and I never have to wear the hems folded up again. The denim also seems a bit newer after the wash.

Tomorrow I'll compare the button holes.

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