Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 209 | Ink on the floor

I've been going through my photographs and found the one on the left. It's one of the oldest I have, which means the jeans were in their first week of "wear". There's not a mark on the denim yet, and no stretching.

The second photograph is of the ink running from the denim after they were washed for the first time. I was a little nervous on the washing day, because I was scared I would lose too much colour from the jeans. I did not have the washing machine on the spin cycle, so that saved a lot of ink, but there was still a lot of ink on the floor when I took them out. As you can see on day 184, when I compare the jeans before and after the wash, there's not a lot of difference in the darkness of the jeans. So I suspect that I didn't lose too much ink.

On another note, I was trawling through some of my favourite sites and stumbled upon an an article on this book, called "The Denim Book", which is produced by a company called Lightning. You can buy your copy from It's basically a who's who of the Japanese Denim industry. 70 brand owners, designers and retail managers were interviewed and photographed. They presented their favourite vintage to sample denim pieces. The book gives equal space to unknown brands as it does to the well known brands, which is a big change in the story line of previous Lightning books.

Next week I'm comparing the jeans again, but only month one vs. what they'll look like next week. They're still my favourite pair of jeans, but it's been a welcome change to wear my light coloured denims again.

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