Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 182 | The final day

Today is officially the last day of the "wearing in" period. I'm washing the jeans for the first time tomorrow morning at 8am. Right after I take my final full length photos out in the garden.

Here's some photos of what they look like at the moment. The top photo is a comparison of day 1 and day 182, 6 months later, with no wash and wearing them every single day. I'm really excited to put them in the washing machine tomorrow. I had a friend suggest that I bath in them first, but we don't have a bath, and I don't think a shower will give you the same results. The bath apparently gives you time in the jeans while they shrink, to make more marks, and soap them up in all the right places.

I will wash them a normal washing machine, inside out, at 30 degrees Celsius and no spin cycle. Should take 30 minutes and then I'm stretching the seams out, from crotch to hems, and hanging them up in the shower to dry.


  1. wow i think i looks nice even though it hasn't been washed! ALL THE BEST!!
    I'm going for 6mths for my dr denim too!!

  2. Send me some photos if you can then I'll publish them here.
    I'm a little nervous to go home and see how they turned out after the wash this morning.