Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 180 | Levis XX

Tonight we went out for supper with friends, and the guy is a denim nut. Has more denim jackets than I have fingers to count them on, and knows more than I will about denim, in my life time. He showed me one of his books on denim, and in there I read a really interesting piece of information a pair of Levis from the 1880's. They were made before the first ever 501's. Here's where I think the pair of $1000 jeans from Tom Ford is cheap, because Levis paid $45000 for this specific pair of jeans on eBay in 2001.

Just imagine finding a pair of jeans in your granparents attic and then being able to sell them for that price? Amazing the value we place on everyday products like denim. Yes granted they're from the 1880's, but still.

The pair to the left is also from the 1880's, and called Levi's "XX” jean, which also pre-dates the 501 before it was called the 501. The 501 was first used in 1890 as a style number. XX means "extra, extra strong" and featured only one back pocket, with a second back pocket only added in 1901, two front pockets, awatch pocket, a back buckle cinch closure and buttons for suspender.

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  1. Just imagine lugging around a pair of dirty jeans for 130 years. You could never throw anything away and perhaps you'd have enough in your junkyard to retire on when you get older.

    Btw, why do some 501 STF Levi's have the XX on the back and some don't? I can't tell a bit of difference.