Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 190 | Before and after

I've always wanted to do a 360 degree display of the jeans. The top row is on the day of the wash and the bottom row is the day after the wash.

You can clearly see how stretched the knees are from 6 months of wear and how much tighter they are after the wash. The same with the wrinkles and creases behind the knees. Now they're just softer folds. The jeans have also shrunk about 2, maybe 3 centimetres in length, so now they're not as bunched up at the bottom above my shoes. In the top photos I have a belt on, where I now wear the jeans without a belt, as I did when I bought them. Then there's also the colouring. Much lighter and tighter and the marks are now much more visible.

Will publish the same sort of photos tomorrow, but much bigger I think.


  1. Wow cool~ Now that six long months are gone, what are your plans now?

    A new pair of jeans or another six more months? haha..

    Oya did the people of Dr Denim contact you about your jeans?

  2. There's a couple of things in my mind to do now, cause I really loved what I got from this blog, the jeans and the people I met doing this, and yes, I've met the guys from Dr.Denim a couple of times. Fantastic guys and passionate about what they do.