Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 186 | The inner seams (5th comparison)

Here's the 5th comparison of the seams on the inner leg. The 5th picture is the last day before the wash and the 6th picture is the days after the wash.

There's a lot of difference before and after the wash. Afterwards the denim seemed to have settled a bit more. It's not as compact, yet it shrunk. The folds are gone, and in their place are just light blue lines.

The second photo is of the seams a bit higher up at the knees. Here you can see the huge difference between before and after the wash. The stretches are gone from the front of the knees and the creases are gone from the back. Now there's just the light blue lines and scuff marks that remain.

The bottom photograph shows what the bottom seams look like close up, and that they look like new, but a bit worn in. Tomorrow I'm looking at the front pockets.

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