Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 192 | The back pockets before and after

Here's two more high resolution images comparing the back pockets. I still can't believe there's so much difference in the jeans. The top photo is with 6 months worth of wear and no wash (day 182). The bottom photo is on the following day (day 183), after the wash.

The jeans have even changed colour slightly. They started off as Blue/Black, and now has become a little lighter and bluer. The shrinking has worked wonders. I have them on again today, just because they really are my favourite pair at the moment, having spent a full 6 months in them and nothing else, and they fit perfectly. I would highly recommend doing the same. Not necessarily wearing them every day for 6 months as I did, but alternating between them and maybe 2 other pairs for perhaps a year, then washing them. The fit will be real good.

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