Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 195 | Front moustaches

Why do we use the word moustaches, when referring to the front creases on jeans? Isn't the word whiskers, as in cat whiskers, closer to what it is that we're all talking about.

Be that as it may, here's what mine looks like now, after 6 months of wear then one wash. Dependent on how you look at it, I haven't spent any time making any of the marks on the jeans "worse" or "prettier". They are from natural wear every day. That means a lot of time on a chair sitting in front of my laptop.

Today is the last day of writing daily. There's new projects on the horizon, but I'm going to continue blogging here on a weekly basis. Probably a Monday. There's still so much to learn about denim, that I don't want to give it all up, even after the test is complete. The next wash will again be in another 6 months, but I'll be wearing the jeans probably 3 times a week, instead of daily.


  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog!
    Take care man.. =)

  2. I would like u ask u one more question about the after wash..

    Did the length of the jeans shrink back to its original length?


    Did it shrink shorter than its original length? If so, roughly how many inches did it shrink.

    I wish i was living in Sweden.
    In my country, its so hard to buy jeans like Dr Denim or Cheap Monday and etc. The shops here only bring in a few stocks for each pair. And the popular size usually sells out very quickly. sigh~

  3. The jeans didn't stretch in length. It looked like they did only because they stretched around the hips or belt area and hung lower. After the wash they did shrink in length, perhaps 2-3 cm, which now means they are shorter than they were originally, but so are they everywhere else. For me though now they fit perfectly. Wearing them for 6 months before the first wash, only helps to make them fit better after they shrink in the wash.

    The shrinking depends a lot on how you wash them, and if you stretch the seams while they are still wet, but be prepared for 2-3 cm or 5% overall.

  4. Thanks again!! looking forward to wash mine too.. but that will be another 5months from now.. haha

    bye & take care!

  5. wat d feck u dirty cow!! do u have any mates left?? tats a bit grose there must be a serious bang off them!! hope u didnt have any spillages!!!

  6. hello,
    That's amazing you didn't wash them for six months! I have two pairs of Dr.Denim jeans, one black and one dark blue. I washed them after a few wears and they still fit me perfectly. I'm curious to know.....was there not a fishy smell in the crotch area after a while?

  7. Smell on your jeans exists when the sweat does not have time to dry before you wear them again the next time. Most people fold their jeans away for the night in their clothing cupboard with their other jeans. They do this even when they only wash their jeans every 2 months. Imagine the breeding ground for the germs that cause the smell.

    It's important to hang them open to allow the sweat to dry completely at night. But ideally you would want to alternate between 3 or 4 pairs at any given time.

    So no, there was no smell at the crotch area. I did get a couple of stains on though, from baby food to mud, to beer and wine, but that you can get easily enough if you know how.

    This test was done with raw denim jeans, which have never been washed, hence the wearing in first for 6 months, then a wash. The first wash shrinks the denim about 5 percent, but the fit is much better than day one, because they're also worn in and stretched in all the right places.