Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 7 Beer

Spent the weekend in Copenhagen with some friends. It was a beer expedition. Quite an adventure for a wine drinker like myself. We were out a lot and there was a lot of beer on tap. I'm just happy to report that no one, myself included, spilled any beer on my jeans.

I was thinking about that and what I would do if it happened, just so they don't smell like beer for the next 6 months before they get washed. My answer? I truly don't know, so I searched the web. Most of the answers weren't very helpful, because they involved water. There was one answer I liked and it is this. "I decided instead of dry cleaning or hand washing the jeans to just do nothing. The beer dried up, I sprayed them with Febreeze, hung em outside, and they're good as new!"


  1. you can put the jeans in the freezer to clean them instead of getting them wet.

  2. Hi Becky

    As far as what I've heard, and tested, the freezer works only for smell, as it freezes the germs that causes the smell, and here we're talking about the sweaty smell. It does however not kill them, but puts them in a state of hibernation. I wrote about it on Day 19 of the first test. But as always, there's a lot of different theories out there .