Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 31 One month on

So I made it to one month without too much hassle. No beer spills, no major water damage and no stains. A lot of people are concerned about dirt, smell and the fact that it just seems gross. So I'll go out on record and say that this isn't a case of just having a pair of jeans on for six months without taking care of them. It actually means you have to take extra special care of them. Cleaning any stains, hanging them up at night so they can breathe and dry out from the day's sweat and wear, and especially brushing them.

The two photos show the amount of dust that gathers along the seams. I usually brush my jeans every week to get rid of this build up, but left it there for a month to show what I mean. I'm brushing them tonight, perhaps I'll publish photos of it tomorrow.

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