Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 12 Just another day

As these six month long tests go, there will always be days, where nothing happens and it's just another day. Today is one of those days. Fortunately the rain has stopped.

Next week I'll be in the snow in a town up north in Sweden called Funäsdalen. Pronounced Fuun-ass-daa-lin. There's snow. Lots of it. Let's see what happens when I'm there. Should be interesting. I'm happy the denim is a heavy salvage denim. Keeps the cold out a bit more, but I'll still need my long johns. On my last trip there a month ago the temperature dropped to -35 degrees C.

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  1. Awesome absolutely awesome. Went out to look for one. Couldn't find one. Can they be found in George, South Africa.