Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 26 Harris vs Ormond

The photos above shows the difference 6 months of everyday wear does, compared to wearing a pair of jeans once a week. As I said yesterday, 6 months everyday equals to over 168 times, whereas wearing them once a week, for 2 years, only add up to 104 times.

My first pair of Dr.Denim Harris jeans are to the left, after 30 months and 2 washes compared to the Dr.Denim Ormonds of 24 months and 1 wash. Quite a big difference the 6 months of daily wear makes. Not just wearing in, but wearing out as well. I have to spend some time fixing the holes, but that's for another day. At the moment all I wear are my Dr.Denim Raymonds Red Salvage jeans.

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