Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 52 Donk Shorts

Dr.Denim is by no means as well known as Nudie Jeans, not to mention Levis. I have however been seeing them more and more in town, and not their blue jeans, but a lot of Donk, which is their Chinos, and a lot of black jeans. A couple of times I've seen their shirts and only once a jersey, which I also have. I will take some pictures when I see them again.

Barry, from Singapore, has asked me where to buy other Dr.Denim products, because apparently they can only find the jeans. Anyone else interested in finding other products?


  1. can Americans buy somewhere online?

  2. Have a look at the Dr.Denim site for a store close to you, but in the US I think the closest is going to be Canada.
    I'll ask around and see what other options are available.