Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 37 Barry

One of the people doing the test too, is a Barry from Singapore. Here's a note he sent me, along with his pictures.

"Here's just a couple of shots of my dr denims. First few is my mauser, which has been in about 3 washes in one and a half years. Probably what i noticed the most is the lightening on the butt area due to all the sitting and the knees are stretched out. I find the washes have really worn out the DrDenimJeansmakers label at the back, which i believe the my mauser is having a different one from the ormand red selvage. Ormond has been through 1 wash (by accident cos i dumped it in with my other clothes) and its about 5 months old. So the past 4 months, haven't washed it. However i did notice it has gotten slightly lighter than before."

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  1. Anonymous11 May, 2011

    Interesting. I must send some photos of my 7 Dr Denims! (Yes, I think that's how many I have. Not sure how it happened!)

    They're a combination of Snap and Mauser in various colours. I'm only doing the test with one pair (very dark indigo Snap) but try to minimise the washing of the others. I have a white pair and - to be honest - they need to be washed every second wear due to the marks they pick up.

    T from the UK