Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 47 Back pockets

I posted a photo of the inside of the jeans, the part of the backpocket. There's always a lot of wear there on my jeans. And I don't mean colour change, I mean the denim is worn out. The photos above are of 4 of my raw denim jeans. Top Left is my original Harris jeans, more than 2 years old and two washes. Top right is Ormonds, just over 18 months and one wash. Bottom right is Terence, also over 18 months and still to have it's first wash. Bottom right is Raymond, the ones I have on now, 2 months old and still to be washed.

You can see the wear pattern is similar on all of my jeans, but then all four of them are different denim weights, so react in a different way. Harris is in serious need of a fix, because at the moment they are worn out.

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