Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 97 A New Wallet

I love small wallets. I love front pocket wallets. I especially love small front pocket wallets. Today I felt it was time to get a new one. We bought this exact model for a friend of mine and his is looking especially good after a few month's wear. It's an especially soft leather. I'll post more photos as the wear gets more and more and it gets more character.

Here's some posts I did on the marks my front pocket wallet has made on my other jeans.


  1. Anonymous22 June, 2011

    Nice. Is that the card holder with the snap card protector on the other side? I am looking for something similar, but the card holder with the snap protector appears to be 12cm x 7cm. I am hoping to find something similarly cool, but closer to 10cm x 7cm

  2. No clip on this. I tried the clip, but now prefer folding my cash into the wallet with my cards.