Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 107 Horseriding

The thing I love about testing jeans, is that there never seems to be an end to the things you can do. This time around it was horseriding.

I'm currently up in the middle of Sweden in a place called Funäsfjällen, and there's a lot of higher mountains here, than further South. Well 1500-2000 metres high, which is pretty high considering their neighbour Denmark, which has a highest point of 70 metres.

So there I am with a friend and her two Icelandic ponies Silfra and Dagur and hoping not just that I won't sweat a lot, but that I will afterwards be able to get the horse smell out.

In the end it all turned out OK. Not too bad smell, and I hung them up on the heated towel rail and they were dry in the morning.

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