Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 102 Stains

One of the most asked questions and most visited pages on this blog is How to wash your jeans? The second is How to get rid of stains?. Although I am no expert, I have had my share of experiences, this being my second 6 month denim test and all. I have had everything from chewing gum, mud, dirty snow, baby food, porridge, wine, beer and Cava on my jeans and every time succeeded in getting it out. The only difference here, and something that makes it harder is that you cannot use water with raw denim, as it will cause the fabrics to shrink. Makes removing stains from raw denim tough, so rule number one applies, which is to not get anything on your jeans in the first place.

Above is an image from Men's Journal Magazine on how to sort out those stubborn stains. But as I said, this is for when you have already washed your raw jeans and they have shrunk and so on.

What I have found out is this:
  • Beer and white wine is not so bad. Just use paper to dab it as much as you can.
  • Mud needs to dry first then use a brush to brush it off, as you would with dust.
  • Don't get red wine on your jeans. It doesn't come out. If you do get it on the first thing you do is take off your jeans and lie them flat on a table. Then cover the entire stain with fine salt. The salt draws out the wine. Helps a lot, but you're lucky if it removes all.
  • Baby food and porridge. Take off as much as you can, then a damp cloth usually gets rid of the rest.
  • Grass stains is along with red wine. Don't get it on in the first place. I would assume that once dry, a brush would get rid of a lot. And here I mean a hard bristle brush.
Other than that, if you know of something more, let me know.


  1. You forgot chewing gum stain,

    dishwasher + salt + cold water.

    works best.

  2. Peanut butter also works with Chewing gum, especially out your hair, as do freezing your jeans then removing the gum.

  3. what about coffee?