Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 109 Hiking and Fishing

A really testing time up in the north I must say. Today it's hiking, followed by fishing. I'm happy I got the horse smell out by just hanging them up over the heated towel rail. Perhaps it was so much the horse than the saddle smell?

Anyway, today we went for a hike in the mountains in a place called Fjällnäs (Google Maps). It's a really beautiful part of Sweden, and specifically this time of the year, you always have a chance to spot a brown bear, elk, wolves or reindeer. I only saw reindeer this time around.

The hiking was followed by my first fishing in Sweden in a lake called Funäsdalssjön. I managed to catch my first Northern Pike.

All in all a great day and the jeans made it through with some more wear and tear and a few more stories to tell.

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