Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brewery Boy

Hi everyone

Finally I get a moment to think, a moment to write and a moment post what I have been up to during the last 6 months. We've opened a brewery.

The brewery is called Beerbliotek, and is in the cultural heart of Gothenburg. So far we've brewed 9 different beers and we're in a lot of pubs and restaurants in Gothenburg and in the south of Sweden, all the way down to Malmö (pronounced Mall-muh).

Now having said that, my love for denim has not diminished in the slightest, as we're working closely with the guys, and girls, from Dr.Denim. Our workwear is denim, see pics. So what will happen now is that this blog will still be focussed on all things denim, but I get to wear them a lot in the brewery, so there'll be a lot of posts from that. And believe me, they go through a lot of wear in a brewery, from grinding malt, to brewing beer, it's wet, it's carrying, it's bottling and kegging and a lot more.

Hope you'll keep on following my adventures with denim.



  1. Hi Darryl,

    Congratulations on opening the brewery! I think that's really cool and exciting, plus you get to wear a lot of denim so it's like the best of both worlds!

    Congrats again and I hope things are going well.


    1. Hi Kat. Things are going well. Busy, busy, busy. Thanks for checking in.