Monday, September 17, 2012

Treeger "Old Used" gets a fix

I got this pair in September 2011, and it's turned into one of my favourite pairs. Not just because of the colour, but also the fit. Treeger is a good fit for me, loose and comfortable. But they're not my favourite fit, Ormond is still number one in that regard for me.

However, and this is the thing with washed denim compared to raw denim, they tear easier. It is to be expected of denim that goes through multiple processes and washes to get the desired colour. The fabric weakens and these are no exception, hence the two holes over my front left pocket. Out came the sewing machine and the tough nylon thread, and I went to work. Not a bad end result, I must say, and adds to the denim's already vintage feel.


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  2. I'm very impressed with your repair jobs. I agree about the raw denim being more fragile, but like you, I think it's part of the charm! Thanks for posting this!
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