Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 68 Brännö

The word for island in Swedish is ö, pronounced uhh. So Brännö (Brenn-uhh) would be Bränn island. I have a friend who has a family home out on the island, which is in the Gothenburg archipelago.

It's a fantastic place to visit in summer. Winter however is terrible, as all the water between Gothenburg and the island, freezes over. The island is a car-free island, so you are only allowed to walk, cycle or ride you mo-ped (Scooter). We've already been out there for a weekend in the sun, but I feel it's a place these jeans are going to get some proper wear in. There's a lot of gardening to do, working on the house, fixing things, then also walking and of course lying on the grass. So a lot of stain cleaning it seems. Hope for the best.

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