Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 67 Soil

As time goes on with tests like these, you get used to expecting the unexpected. A wine stain has come and gone, dust have been cleaned a few times, but the most is always dirt marks like those you see above. Most are easy to get clean with a brush once they dry. Grass stains will be addressed later on, as the summer comes along, as it's bound to happen.

This particular stain is pure soil. Wait for it to dry, then use a strong bristled brush and give the area a few brushes. I usually have my hand on the inside, so that the denim isn't flat. This helps the brush to get into the fibres a little better, as the denim hangs over my hand. I also brush the inside of the denim, just to make sure. Easy with brushing too hard and make marks, however it's all up to you. Sometimes I do not mind the marks, as it's those marks that makes me remember the events in the life of my jeans.


  1. jonathan17 May, 2011

    I just fell in mud (smooth right?) and my 3 month old APC's are covered in dirt (and there is a small hole now too.. but I don't mind that). Should I just go ahead and give them their first wash? And since they are REALLY dirty, should I still just do the Woolite soak? Or should I clean them another way?

  2. I would use a hard bristle brush to get rid of most of the dirt first, then a softer bristle bush after that and see where you are. I got sprayed whilst pushing a car out of mud once and I managed to get them clean.

    When mud dries it's easier to clean and in the end you can get the dust or now dry mud out by beating it in the same way you clean a carpet.

    But if you don't mind, a wash is never the end of the world. A soak however won't give you the same results as a wash, and a soak might just get the dry mud wet again but not release from the fibres in the same way a gentle wash would.

    Good luck. Send me some pics of before and after if you have and I'll post them up.