Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 333 | Dr.Denim's new look web images

I've just received a question from someone asking if Dr.Denim and Cheap Monday's are available to buy online. I know Dr.Denim is, and there's a list of stores available on their website. I'm not sure where to buy Cheap Monday online, probably because I'm not so interested in them. I used to be, and tried on every pair I could get my hands on, with no luck. They just don't fit my shape. I tried on another pair last week when I was on a trip to Weekdays, the shop that sells them, and still no luck. I think I'll stick to Dr.Denim, just because they fit me so well.

Below are the new images from the Dr.Denim website, with some of their new "stuff". I'm really keen on a pair of Terence Raw denim jeans. They're on sale at Red Devil for under 300SEK. A real bargain, but unfortunately they don't have my size. Aparently though there's an update for Terence on the way. I'll let you know as soon as I get some more info.


  1. yeah, dr denim jeans fit me so well! i live in hong kong, i'm a petite girl, so i need to tailor most of my cheap mondays. dr denim is the best, i don't know why i don't have to tailor them. they fade so well, fits my body shape. can't get my hands on any dr denim jeans anymore though, sadly!
    i enjoyed reading your blog haha

  2. Hi Jessica or Wooskie? Thanks for the comments. I'm looking forward to my new pair of Dr.Denims, an update to the Terence model called Ormond, that's just been released. Hopefully they'll be on me in a week.

    You should look at the following stores in Honk Kong selling Dr.Denim.

    Club 8

  3. actually i'm a frequent shopper at all those places, they don't have any. i've been asking those salespeople for ages. but i'll keep looking

  4. Jessica come visit Manila and get your hands on some Dr. Denim jeans!

    Darryl, great blog! You got me all interested in raw denim since I stumbled upon your site.

  5. Hi Jayme... thanks for the comments.

    Dr.Denim has a huge sale on on their Autumn samples on here at the moment.

    Last week I visited Alexander at Dr.Denim and got my hands on 2 new pairs of raw denim. New Ormond with a little lighter weight denim and Terence with a much heavier weave. Such nice stuff. Writing about it at the moment with some photos.

  6. Can't wait to hear how those turn out!


  7. I love these ads. so cute!