Thursday, September 29, 2011

Treeger. A new favourite from Dr.Denim

I was ambling through my favourite store Red Devil, and stumbled upon a pair of Dr.Denims that I haven't seen before. A wash I liked and a cut that fitted me as well as Terence and Ormond does. The style is called Treeger and this particular wash is called Old Used. A straight-ish leg that's a little loose, but not too much. Very comfortable indeed. I'm really keen to get hold of a pair of Blue Black Raw's, cause I think it'll look fantastic after wearing them unwashed for 6 months. For now I have a washed pair that feels great and fits me really well.

In case you're wondering, the boots are Red Wings. Probably the best buy I've made shoe-wise. So far I've had them nearly one year and looking forward to the first snow. They're comfortable to walk in and really warm too matched with my woolen Happy Socks.


  1. wow this pair is freaking awesome, but how come i don't see it anywhere selling.
    I'm from singapore btw and im starting to love DrDenim, have a pair of black Ormonds and raw denim shorts.
    And btw i don't wash my jeans too until it smells really bad, and Singapore is summer all year round LOL.
    Any tips in getting raws to fade the way i want?

  2. It all depends what you mean by "Fade as you want".
    I usually just want natural wear, according to my shape, so I throw a pair of raw denims on and wear them for 6 months and see what I have in the end.

    I do however want to try other tests. Seeing how fast I can get wear to show. Washing raw denim 10 times for the first wash. Washing them first then wearing them, which should help with the indigo ink on my white sofa. Perhaps buying a pair for a removal guy and letting him wear them in for me. Sure he'll get some proper wear into the jeans. Things like that.

    All to learn more on how raw denim behaves and how we can influence the wear.

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