Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watch out for the blue

A word of warning, when you buy your first pair of raw denim jeans, watch out for the blue. There's a lot of excess indigo dye in raw denim. It gets everywhere. If you wear white underwear they'll be blue afterwards. A white couch is the worst if you sit on it. Your hands will be blue after a day, and especially white shoes. So watch out with them. After a while, especially after the first wash, it gets better.


  1. hey, I stumbled upon this blog after googling dr denim. I'm a huge fan of dr denim btw. Have about 6 pairs already. =) Keep up with the blog, interesting stuff u got here

  2. Thanks. Yeah, in the beginning Dr.Denim was a random choice, but they're really well priced. About half the price of similar denims here in Sweden, and the quality is fantastic.