Monday, August 2, 2010

The first fix on my Harris Blue Black Raw

This day had to come. It's one month short of 2 years since I bought this pair of Dr.Denim jeans and started this blog. In that time I've worn this pair of Harris BlueBlack Raw jeans a lot. Really a lot. They're by far my favourite pair, but with all things in life they're starting to show some wear and tear. Now mind you not all wear and tear marks will be fixed. Just the things I think need to, to keep them from falling apart at the seams so to speak. With that I thought it was time to fix the thread that got loose on one of the back pockets. Simple fix and looking good again.

I used extra strong cotton thread, in blue, then simply wove the gold thread back in place. There's some other places on this specific pair of jeans that'll need some attention soon too.

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