Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 223 | Two hundred posts

Today I managed to post the two hundreth post on this blog. Never thought I'd get this far. I've been wearing the jeans quite a bit again lately, and every now and again when I have them on, I look at the marks I've made on them over the past 223 odd days. It's such a pleasure to realise that every one of the marks is of my own doing, and not done by some machine in some sort of denim process. Mine look like only mine can and that's what I love about raw denim.

There's such nice lines on the knees, both on the front and the back. Then there's the moustache lines on the front below the pockets. The back pockets also shpw some nice marks. The best thing of all for me is the colour. In the beginning they were black/blue, and now they're much lighter, and a lot softer.

One of my favourite magazines at the moment is one called Monocle. It's basically a briefing on global affairs, business, culture and design. You can check it out online at They cover a lot of current fashion and mix that up with future trends. It's with this that I stumbled across a story on a new denim shop that opened in The Netherlands called Teneu De NĂ­mes. According to the co-founder Menno van Meurs, "Our dream was to create a denim haven in Amsterdam". You can check them out at

On day 139 I wrote a bit about "Serge de Nimes" and where the word denim and the word jeans comes from, if you're interested to know.


  1. Hiiii Darryl!!

    Glad that you're still updating this wonderful website..

    One question.. I dunno if anyone asked you this question but where can i order Dr Denim or Cheap Monday jeans online?

  2. I'm not sure about Cheap Mondays, but I know Dr.Denim is available online. Have a look at the Dr.Denim website for the shops and pick your country to see what's available. I know Sweden has online shops. Good luck.