Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A roadtrip

Just received a new pair of raw denim jeans from Dr.Denim called Treeger. Another nice cut that fits my skinny body shape really well.
The reason for the jeans is cause myself and a friend will be going on a roadtrip. Sweden to Finland on the Russian border to fetch a dog and back. It's an 8 week old Siberian Laika they bought, so we thought a good roadtrip over Easter could be good.
I got him a pair of Dr.Denim Raymond's. Blue Black Raw. So I'll be posting a few images over the next couple of days.


  1. It seems to be very comfortable Denim jeans.It goes well with the white canvas shoes.

  2. Yeah I can't wait for summer to arrive so I can put away the leather shoes and boots and just be in my comfortable Converse.

    I see you run a webshop for denim. How's the business? What do you do with sizes and fittings?

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