Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 426 | Popitop

I've had my new jeans for 2 months now and both pairs are really nice. Love them both, but for completely different reasons. As I said on day 365, Terence is a very heavy denim. I still struggle to bend my knees and hips when I have them on. Usually heavier denim is on a wider cut. More baggy. These however is a narrow cut. Not quite skinny, but tight-ish. I love them on though. They're also very low around the hips, so hang quite a bit. I'd recommend them for those wanting to try something new. Raw heavy denim in a narrow cut.

Ormond however is my favourite. Fits like a glove. Skinny, not so heavy and feels soft already, just after 2 months worth of wear. I think I wear it more often too. I got my hands on this pair of leather boots this month, and along with my Ormonds, a huge double fold of the hem, they fit really well together. The shoes are originals from the 70s, and have not been used that much at all. Love them. If ever you're in Gothenburg, you have to pay a visit to the shop where I bought them, called Popitop. The shop was started by Linda Wennström, and sells 50s, 60s and 70s clothing, a bit of furniture and then lots for your home.

Hope to take some photos of my Harris jeans, the original pair of Dr.Denim Jeans that started all of this, to show what state they're in now after 426 days and one wash.

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